Long time coming.

Since halloween I have been non stop. We started working on our Turkey banquet one week before Thanksgiving and through the holidays we wrapped presents at Sportsman's Warehouse to raise money for it. Work got super busy with holiday hair cuts and stayed steady till the middle of January which is good cause that tends to be one of the slowest months of the year. The first week of February I had a meeting with my boss and they offered me a major promotion. I am now the sole manager of the Brickyard Location and I am also the Web Manager for our new web site. Check it out. It rocks! wwww.cookiecuttersutah.com. With this I get a lot of perks but I also get a lot more stress. I know it will be worth it in the long run. I still have goals to open my own shop but in this market it is not a good idea. So I just work hard and do my best so that one day it will pay off. One of my very dear friends had a baby girl on February 16th. She is so beautiful. Playing with her makes me want one of my own...... But were just not ready..... yet..... Grrr I am so back and forth on the kid thing. So her is some fun pictures of this cute baby. The sound is her heart beat through the monitor before she was born.


(Can any one tell me how to but videos on my blog cause I cant figure it out.)


Halloween Mad Hatter Cake!

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Party Fun!

Halloween Party was at my house this year. I will have more pictures of the decorations later but here are all our friends!
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So I have posted all the cakes we have done so far and all the prices we charge. So check out my business blog J & L Events to see our wedding cakes and our birthday cakes!


Top Layer

Sorry it has taken so long to post this but we had the wedding and now we are starting on the Car cake! But first the top layer!
I don't have a full view of it all put together but in the chaos of the wedding I didn't get a shot but i know someone did I just need to find out who. lol More to come!

middle layer

This is the middle layer. It was our first attempt at a square cake so don't mind the crooked lines.


Wedding Cake

this is the first layer of our very first wedding cake. the next two layers will be coming soon so stay tuned.